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mack - beaglemack - beagle


"What a difference Jayne's physiotherapy has made to Mack - he now has an extra spring in his step and less of a wiggle!"
Stacey Smith & "Mack", Retired Show Beagle.


Well my boy if finally all better now. He has made such a terrific recovery considering we didn't think he would still be with us. Thank you Jayne for all your help and advice.
Meagan Ashley & "Benson", (3yo unbroken with nerve damage)


I must confess to never havings been a fan of physio..BUT..the difference in Boy is Huge! He has continued to put on weight and condition, he is no longer stressy but relaxed, he is now sound and tracking up evenly, he is working in a much deeper outline which is enabling him to engage better behind and is jumping like a stag! I really wish I had a before and after video of him!
Had such a great time jumping my boys tonight - they were both fab!!! So great to have Boy back on form, thanks so much to Jayne Faulkner for all her wonderful work!!!"
Nicola Kerr & "Boy (Ex Point-to-Point) & "Oscar", Eventers.


You are a Star!!
Walter was a different horse today, walked out amazing this morning! Thank You x!
Alison Lawson & "Walter", Dressage horse


Lerado felt much better and jumped very well today in the Grand Prix, Thank You very much. You definetaly helped him!
James Billington & "Lerado", International Show Jumper.


I was enjoying an eight mile walk with bracken yesterday round the cock of Arran and over the hill back to Lochranza. She was off the lead the whole time so obviously did at least twice my distance and managed it fine... Thanks for all your help last year, it made all the difference.
Krystyna Gruszecka & "Bracken"


Harvey was wary of what was going on at first, but after Jayne's reassuring words and relaxed presence, he came round. He obviously enjoys his treatments as now he lies flat out and enjoys the effects...
Janis Murchie & "Harvey", Black Labrador


I nearly started crying today when I rode, it's like having my old horse back!
Sam McEacheran & "Stephie", Riding Club Horse.


I can recommend Jayne to anyone, my mare was really sore & she's like a totally different horse now, use this girl, she's amazing!
Alison Bell & "Dolly", Rescued and now a Riding Horse.


Jayne!! You have changed my horse into a wee star!! You have worked wonders, Thank you so much! He was even a lot happier to take his contact too!
Suzie MacBain & "Parani" (the moon jumper ;))


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